Friday, 17 January 2014

Tips on Choosing a Lens Filter

The art of taking photographs is such a tricky one that you need a number of accessories in order to get everything right. No matter whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, one of the best accessories you will ever need to buy is a camera lens filter. They come in different varieties and they generally add a great dimension to the clarity of the images you will take. Filters come in different styles and any buyer needs to known exactly what they require so as to properly address their specific photographic needs.

Function of the filter: Function is the first thing you must consider when trying to purchase a lens filter. This is because they can do different thing sin regards to your picture. While some are made in order to give you a good close up, others will filter out ultra violet rays, stars, create graduated filters, polarize the pictures or even make for a soft focus. You must therefore think about what you want to acquire first before selecting the camera filter that is right for your situation.

Size: The next thing you must give consideration when buying a filter is the size since they are always different. The size of your camera plays an important role here with the average size being ranging from 1 - 89 mm. You must know what range the camera you have falls into so that you get the correct one. In case you don't have an idea on the size of the camera, you only need to look at the manual. You should know that if you don't get the correct size, it will just not fit your camera and you may not have use for it.

Shape: Different cameras have lenses that are shaped differently and, as such, you also need to know the shape so that you buy the correct filter. The basic shapes for camera lenses are round and square and filters therefore come in these sizes. The great thing about camera lenses is that you can several of them when you are going out and what you use will be determined by the prevailing circumstance. Going out with different lenses enables you to fit snugly into any situation that could arise while you are out there.

The use of lens filters is such a positive thing that it takes care of different scenarios that occur when you are taking photos such as the glare that sometimes comes as a result of using an electronic flash. They can either provide a cooling or warming effect by modifying the light such as what comes from direct sunlight. Anyone who owns a camera must have spent a considerable sum of money and should therefore not have a problem buying a lens filter. The other benefit that is rarely mentioned is that fact that it will also protect your lens from dust accumulation as well as fingerprint marks thereby helping you to keep it for a longer period of time.

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