Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Photographer's Dream Camera

Finally, there is a camera that is designed for the photographer that will allow you to record videos and photos in 3D while you are recording in 2D simultaneously. You may wonder how this is possible. You can do this by combining into one single housing two of the 1080p HD HERO cameras making them into the GoPro 3D Hero system. There are three versions of this new system available that range in price from under two hundred dollars and up with each of them having their own special features. The GoPro 3D Hero is activated by plugging the synchronization cable plugs into both of the cameras rear HERO Port. This will enable the two cameras to join and record in perfect synchronization both photos and videos. This unique feature is only available from GoPro 3D. It makes 3D photos and videos professional looking.

GoPro 3D Hero System Cameras

• GoPro 3D Hero White Edition--$199.99

- The fps include 1080p30; 960p30; 720p60
- Has 3 fps/5 MP bursts
- Has built-in Wi-Fi
- It is Wi-Fi remote + app compatible

• GoPro 3D Hero Silver Edition--$299.99

- The fps include 1080p30; 960p48; 720p60
- Has 10 fbs/11 MP bursts
- Has built in Wi-Fi
- It is Wi-Fi remote + app compatible

• GoPro 3D Hero Black Edition--$399.99

- The fps include 1080p60;720p120;1440p48;4kp15;27kp30;WVGA-240
- Has 30 fps/12 MP bursts
- Has built in Wi-Fi
- It includes a Wi-Fi remote
- It is compatible with the GoPro App
- It is pro low-light performance

There are also many other accessories that you can purchase with your GoPro 3D Hero that include:

• Battery or LCD Touch BacPac
• A Wi-Fi remote for the Silver or White Edition
• A rechargeable battery
• A charging cable for your Wi-Fi remote
• Lens replacement kit

The GoPro 3D Hero is not only the world's smallest camera but is also one of the most versatile cameras on the market today. It is a great camera for professionals who need a small light-weight camera to attach to their helmet. Many times when the photographer uses a helmet camera all they seem to manage to capture is footage of the ground or the sky because they are hard to aim. This is not so with the GoPro 3D Hero because with this camera you can purchase the LDC BacPac, which is a LCD clip on that attaches to your back interface port on your 1080 HD Hero camera. This BacPac clip on will show you the battery life so your camera does not quit in the middle of an important photo shot. Using this accessory for the GoPro 3D Hero will also help to ensure that you will get what the camera is positioned to take pictures of. It even comes with a speaker.

To doubly ensure you do not run out of battery life you can also get the Battery BacPac which not only holds an extra battery but also has a small USB port to enable you to use it as an external battery charger.

As you can see, if you want professional 3D photos you need to purchase the GoPro 3D Hero.

The author of this article is professional photographer and likes using the GoPro Hero 3. Shop for accessories like GoPro microphone with convenient shopping and shipping at the website.

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