Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Professional Looking Photographs With Gopro

Being a professional photographer, I don't always carry around "top-of-the-line" cameras, even when I'm gathering with friends, family and other loved ones. But what I do carry around is a GoPro Hero 3, or if I want to get "tricky", I'll take out the GoPro 3d Hero camera - it's the smallest 1080p 3d camera in the world.

I spend most days on the beach, not to sound snobbish but it's true. I live a truly magnificent life. Photography has brought my dreams to reality. To make sure that I never miss an opportunity, I always have GoPro replacement lenses nearby, usually in the trunk of a luxurious Cadillac Escalade.

The world's smallest 1080p 3d camera also has GoPro camera mounts you can purchase for that perfect shot you're looking for, but not just for the GoPro 3d camera, but for the GoPro Hero 3 as well.

I love taking pictures; it's what I live for. The more challenging the shot, the better I prefer it. I know, for a FACT, that these pictures that I shoot with the GoPro cameras are going to turn out great. There's no other piece of equipment I would rather work with.

Every professional photographer knows that great care comes with handling equipment. But it doesn't hurt to be ready for that day when accidents happen. That's why it's important to have a replacement lens nearby. A GoPro lens replacement is exactly what you'll need if an accident does happen. Because even accidents can happen to the world's smallest 1080p 3d cameras... trust me.

Amateur Surfing Contest

Nothing beats having the first photograph of an up and coming athlete, especially an amateur surfer. Setting up in the sand near water can risk damaging most professional cameras. Not with the GoPro and all of its unbelievable accessories that you're able to purchase online or at one of its nearby locations. You'll be surprised at how durable these cameras are and the kind of abuse it can take when taking spectacular shots. Once any photographer tries anything GoPro, they never try anything else - ever!

A Wedding in a Forest Preserve

Taking wedding photos is something that every professional photographer occasionally went through. They're tough gigs, but with the GoPro 3d hero camera you'll be able to capture all of your clients favorite moments in stunning quality. This unbelievable technology allows the photographer to use two HD Hero cameras in one single-housing frame. You'll be able to record videos and photos in 2D and 3D and also at the same time. All you have to do is plug a simple cable into the back of the camera in a port located on both of the cameras.

Scuba Diving on Vacation

You can also take videos and photos underwater up to 180 feet with the GoPro 3D HERO cameras and all of its accessories. The housing frame for the two cameras is amazingly waterproof, so all your underwater memories will be safe and sound.

The author of this article is professional photographer and likes using the GoPro Hero 3. Polar Pro Filters offers original GoPro products and accessories with convenient shopping and shipping.

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