Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Look at GoPro and the Action Photography Revolution
If you look at the earliest photographs, you'll see stiffly posed people grimacing in sepiatone. That's because the first cameras required long exposures, so people had to sit very still and hold one expression to prevent blurring. It wasn't fun, and there was no way to capture action photographs.

Action was the province of painting, not photography. Painters could capture anything they could imagine to get action down on canvas. One aspiring painter even had her husband's cavalry regiment charge her so she could capture the experience on canvas. Unfortunately, that wasn't always practical.

The development of modern cameras with fast film, and later digital photography changed everything. Pictures could be taken in a fraction of an eyeblink, moving action photography into the mainstream. Every sporting event sprouted forests of photographers, staring through viewfinders to catch the perfect shot of an athlete in action.

The only problem was that all these action photographs were taken from the outside looking in. Photographers could capture what the subject was doing, but the view through the viewfinder could never match the view through the athlete's eyes. It was sight without feeling, it lacked immersion because it was always clear that the photographer wasn't really experiencing it.

This is what led to the GoPro revolution. GoPro gave action photography the immediacy of a first-person shooter videogame, by taking pictures from the athlete's perspective. It wasn't just athletes, anyone doing anything could use a GoPro to capture the moment.

The GoPro's success comes from two factors, the lack of a viewfinder, and its ease of mounting. By removing the viewfinder, they were able to break the paradigm of looking through the camera at what was happening from the outside. Then they made it so you can put a GoPro anywhere, on your body, on your head, wherever you want it. The combination is what lets anyone put the GoPro into the heart of the action. It goes where you go.

The newest GoPro, the HERO3+ Black Edition takes everything GoPro is known for and takes it to the extreme.

    It supports 4K video at up to 15 frames per second
    It supports 2.7K video at 30 frames per second
    It shoots 12MP stills at 30 frames per second
    It's water resistant to 180 feet

This is a camera that counts 720P HD as its lowest video resolution, and only goes up from there. All you have to do is strap it on, turn it on, and live your life to the extreme. It will capture everything you do, and give others the next best thing to being there. The GoPro isn't your traditional camera, it's a way to share your experiences. There's no reason to let someone standing on the sidelines create your image when you can use a GoPro and share your vision.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Appy Days - The GoPro App Is Finally Here

GoPro has long been at the forefront of the action camera market, developing cameras and accessories which continually push the boundaries of camera technology, while keeping the needs of its users a number one priority. GoPro is truly a part of action sport culture.

Last year we witnessed the launch of the GoPro HD Hero3 - the most powerful GoPro yet - and with that a host of new and exciting accessories. Perhaps the most exciting accessory of all, or at least the one which has attracted the most attention from media and action sports fans alike, is the GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac.

Released earlier this year, the Wi-Fi BacPac snaps on to the back of a GoPro HD Hero3 camera, much like earlier accessories in the range, like the LCD BacPac and Battery BacPac. Once attached, the Wi-Fi BacPac 'connects' the camera, which then can then be controlled by a Wi-Fi remote.

However, since the launch of the Wi-Fi BacPac, GoPro has been promising an accompanying mobile app, which would essentially eradicate the need for a remote, as users would be able to control the camera via their smartphone or tablet. It's been a long time coming, but finally the wait is over. So why all the fuss?

Using the free GoPro App, those who own both the GoPro HD Hero3 and GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac will be able to operate their cameras using their smartphone or tablet. As well as remote functions such as accessing and changing control settings, and monitoring battery life & memory capacity, the app will also turn a synced mobile device into a viewfinder for framing and lining up shots.

GoPro also has some cool features lined up for the app in the near future, such as the ability to preview recorded content, navigate and manage files, and control multiple cameras at once.

Currently the app is limited to iOS devices, which is good news for iPhone users, not so much for the Android community. The app is currently compatible on the following Apple devices:

iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S (iOS 4.3 & 5)
iPod Touch 4 (iOS 4.3 & 5)
iPad 1, 2 & 3 (iOS 4.3 & 5)

To connect a GoPro to a smart device, first the camera and Wi-Fi BacPac must be updated with the latest firmware, which can be downloaded from the official GoPro website. Once updated, the camera can then be synchronised.

To download the app itself, head to the iTunes App Store, and simply search for 'GoPro App'. Here you will also be able to find additional compatibility information, as well useful user reviews.

The GoPro App is the most eagerly anticipated launch the action camera world has seen for some time, and with such a cool array of features in its arsenal, it's not hard to see why. If you're a GoPro user, and have a Wi-Fi BacPac, be sure to download the app today. If you don't yet own a Wi-Fi BacPac, what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Three Awesome Diving Accessories for Your Action Camera

Recording underwater explorations has become common within the scuba diving community. As action camera technology has improved, and price tags have dropped, the world of HD videography has become accessible to just about anyone.

There are many different action cameras available for scuba diving; some are designed specifically for the sport, while other, multi-purpose cameras can be transformed into underwater cameras with use of additional accessories.

Listed below are three scuba accessories, for two different action cameras, the Drift HD and the GoPro HD.

Drift HD Waterproof Case

The Drift HD is one of the world's most versatile cameras; full HD recording, a wide angle lens and a built-in colour LCD screen are just a handful of features that make this camera so popular with action sports enthusiasts, world-over.

The Drift is typically associated with sports carried out on dirt or snow, such as cycling and skiing. However, those wanting to take advantage of all the Drift's features below the waves, can do so using the Drift HD Underwater Case.

Designed specifically for the Drift HD, this case will keep your camera safe to depths of 30 metres, and exterior rubber buttons allow you to play back footage or change settings while keeping your camera safe inside the housing. This is a must have accessory for Drift owners who like to get wet!

BlurFix Lens for GoPro HD

Arguably the most popular camera in the world, the GoPro HD is used for every sport imaginable, from skydiving to wakeboarding. The GoPro boasts full 1080p recording, a 170 degree wide angle lens and 11 megapixel still image capabilities.

The GoPro comes in three sport-specific packages, one of which, the GoPro HD Hero Surf Edition, lends itself perfectly to scuba diving. While the Surf Hero is a great scuba camera in its own right, there's an accessory available that's bound to excite those with a serious eye for underwater photography - the BlurFix Lens for GoPro HD.

Fitting any camera in the GoPro range, the BlurFix Lens is a professional-quality underwater lens which provides a greater clarity of footage, in any underwater situation. The lens can be used as deep as 40 metres, and accepts all 55mm camera filters including FLD, UV, and polarizing. Additionally, this lens will not fog, and can be used above water with no vignetting.

GoPro Dive Housing

A soon-to-be-released accessory for the GoPro HD is the much anticipated GoPro Dive Housing. This underwater housing will fit both the GoPro HD Hero and GoPro HD Hero  cameras, so is a must-have addition to any GoPro collection, old or new.

The GoPro Dive Housing has a large, glass flat lens, which maximizes underwater sharpness, taking full advantage of the GoPro's 1080p recording quality. The housing allows you to take your GoPro down to 60m, and shoots in all resolutions with no vignetting. So whether you're exploring caves, wrecks, or corals, quality underwater footage is guaranteed.

Submitted by Matt Taylor, Marketing Manager at Action Cameras. For more information about scuba diving cameras, and to pre-order your GoPro Dive Housing, Visit Here

Monday, 3 February 2014

The Perks of Having an Action Camera With Built-In Wi-Fi

Imagine this. You are in a camera shop with the salesman presenting you a long list of the advantages and features of two different brands of action camera. Both have the same price and have specifications that can rival the other. Everything is almost the same except for one feature. The Wi-Fi. One has one while the other has an alternative control. What will your decision be?

Let us take a more specific example using the GoPro HERO3 and the Contour + 2. Both are good models and have features that are almost level to each other. Their only difference is that the GoPro is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi while Contour + 2 has a GPS feature instead. Both are good extras and can be very useful in all the moments you will shoot your high-octane sports activities and hobbies. What will your choice be given the situation?

Here's my personal answer to this dilemma: Go for the one that comes with Wi-Fi.

Why you ask? Because of the advantages you can see below.

Wi-Fi makes access easy- Action camera models with built-in Wi-Fi usually come with a mobile device or a remote. These things can be very useful to the user since he can use it to control the camera without even touching it. This perk very much comes in handy during situations when the person can't really manually control his camera.

Provides Live Streaming- Getting action footages of hobbies is cool. Sharing them live to your friends as the action happens via devices like laptop, mobile phone, and tablet is much cooler. With built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily share your videos as they are.

Easy Sharing- People want to get footage of what they do because of one reason. They want to share it with other people. The presence of a Wi-Fi in an action camera makes this very easy because the user is already connected to the internet and feed his videos through various social networking sites. This is also very beneficial in terms of saving camera memory since the person can just upload and save his footage in the internet rather than save it on his memory instead.

Extras- Cameras with built-in Wi-Fi usually also come with other perks. The GoPro, for example, has a mobile application and a remote included to complement its Wi-Fi feature. Besides from just doing their original jobs, these accessories can also enable the user to control up to 50 GoPro cameras all at the same time. This can be very useful during moments when multiple angles need to be shot in a situation. In addition to this, the internet connection of the device can also be turned into a hotspot as well.

The Wi-Fi feature is now considered as the biggest development in the industry of action cameras. Its advantages lets an average action camera user expand what he can do with his gadget and opens up a brand new world of things to try with its presence. So if you're looking for a good action camera model right now, it is highly suggested that you go with those that have this feature.

Looking for a good action camera that makes it easy to transfer files to other devices through the Wi-Fi feature?

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Five Must Have Accessories For Your Camera

The Hero camera is one of the top rated products in its class for a very good reason, largely due to the varied and useful accessories that you can purchase and add to your picture and video taking experience. There are so many GoPro Hero accessories that can make your expedition or simple photo shoot easier, it is impossible to list them all, so here are five of the most useful and top rated.

1. Dive Housing

Rated for depths of up to one-hundred and ninety-seven feet, the GoPro hero accessory dive housing is a must have for anyone who wishes to get that perfect shot in any underwater situation. Protecting your camera is key, and this dive housing unit keeps your camera safe, and keeps your underwater pictures clear and focused.

2. WiFi Control

Now you can use your camera to take pictures anywhere, even when you are not behind it. This is one of those GoPro hero accessories you will wonder how you lived without, enabling you to use a simple control remote to take pictures, and connect to your computer without messy cords. You can even add the BacPac control system for even further Wi-Fi range.

3. LCD Screen

On or off your camera, the detachable LCD screen makes getting the perfect shot a breeze. Whether you are behind your camera or away from it, GoPro hero accessories don't get better than this. Now you can see exactly what your picture could look like, before you even shoot it.

4. 3D Picture

Now you can create your own 3D movie or picture, with this great accessory. By using two cameras, and taking footage simultaneously, you can build a 3D shot that will be the envy of every photographer. It even comes with its own 3D editing software, to make every facet of 3D footage as simple as any other picture.

5. Additional Batteries

You never know when, or for how long you are going to need your camera. That's what makes these GoPro hero accessories so great! No you can be sure you have all of the battery life you will need, in a small, energy-efficient package. These rechargeable batteries last about two and a half hours of total recording time, so always be sure to pack extras.

With so many awesome accessories, why not get the best product you can and make your photography experience extra special!

For more information on the amazing items offered by GoPro Visit Here today!