Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Three Awesome Diving Accessories for Your Action Camera


Recording underwater explorations has become common within the scuba diving community. As action camera technology has improved, and price tags have dropped, the world of HD videography has become accessible to just about anyone.

There are many different action cameras available for scuba diving; some are designed specifically for the sport, while other, multi-purpose cameras can be transformed into underwater cameras with use of additional accessories.

Listed below are three scuba accessories, for two different action cameras, the Drift HD and the GoPro HD.

Drift HD Waterproof Case

The Drift HD is one of the world's most versatile cameras; full HD recording, a wide angle lens and a built-in colour LCD screen are just a handful of features that make this camera so popular with action sports enthusiasts, world-over.

The Drift is typically associated with sports carried out on dirt or snow, such as cycling and skiing. However, those wanting to take advantage of all the Drift's features below the waves, can do so using the Drift HD Underwater Case.

Designed specifically for the Drift HD, this case will keep your camera safe to depths of 30 metres, and exterior rubber buttons allow you to play back footage or change settings while keeping your camera safe inside the housing. This is a must have accessory for Drift owners who like to get wet!

BlurFix Lens for GoPro HD

Arguably the most popular camera in the world, the GoPro HD is used for every sport imaginable, from skydiving to wakeboarding. The GoPro boasts full 1080p recording, a 170 degree wide angle lens and 11 megapixel still image capabilities.

The GoPro comes in three sport-specific packages, one of which, the GoPro HD Hero Surf Edition, lends itself perfectly to scuba diving. While the Surf Hero is a great scuba camera in its own right, there's an accessory available that's bound to excite those with a serious eye for underwater photography - the BlurFix Lens for GoPro HD.

Fitting any camera in the GoPro range, the BlurFix Lens is a professional-quality underwater lens which provides a greater clarity of footage, in any underwater situation. The lens can be used as deep as 40 metres, and accepts all 55mm camera filters including FLD, UV, and polarizing. Additionally, this lens will not fog, and can be used above water with no vignetting.

GoPro Dive Housing

A soon-to-be-released accessory for the GoPro HD is the much anticipated GoPro Dive Housing. This underwater housing will fit both the GoPro HD Hero and GoPro HD Hero  cameras, so is a must-have addition to any GoPro collection, old or new.

The GoPro Dive Housing has a large, glass flat lens, which maximizes underwater sharpness, taking full advantage of the GoPro's 1080p recording quality. The housing allows you to take your GoPro down to 60m, and shoots in all resolutions with no vignetting. So whether you're exploring caves, wrecks, or corals, quality underwater footage is guaranteed.

Submitted by Matt Taylor, Marketing Manager at Action Cameras. For more information about scuba diving cameras, and to pre-order your GoPro Dive Housing, Visit Here

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